Hatis Noit & Nobumichi Asai (JP)


hatis noit

Female vocalist from distant Shiretoko, Hokkaido in Japan.

After studying classical ballet, theater, gagaku (traditional court music), Japanese folk songs and other performing arts, she is now based in London.

Solo releases to date include her voice-only debut album “Universal Quiet” (2014), and “Illogical Dance” (2015), a work on which she collaborated with long-time Björk collaborators Matmos. Her unique song-world offers transcendent vocal interpretations that at once deconstruct and recombine the DNA of Western classical, Japanese folk, whispering, and poetry reading.

Nobumichi Asai

Media Artist,Creative/Technical Director.

Graduated from Department of Science, Tohoku University.

He is globally famous media artist,acclaimed with face mapping for Lady Gaga at the Grammys 2016, INORI(Prayer) featuring AyaBambi. He has led the field of media art and projection mapping both nationally and internationally.

“Connected Colors” for Intel’s global campaign, the laser hologram “Light of Birth” exhibited at La Triennale di Milano and “Ghost in the Shell Virtual Reality Diver”,”OMOTE” and SMAP’s “FACE-HACKING”.

He is also frequently invited to media art festivals over the world as a keynote speaker and a judge. His works challenge innovative visual arts by bringing advertisement, design and both ideas of art and programming together. Asai received Jury Selection in Japan Media Arts Festival, Grand Prize in VFX AWARD 2015,2017, Honorary Mention, Computer Animation/Film/VFX Award in Ars Electronica and many other awards.

INORI / Radioactive Visualizer

This work was dropped on the Internet at the same date and time when the Hiroshima atomic bomb was dropped at 8:15 am on August 6, 2017.

Radioactive Visualizer is a device to visualize radioactivity. It was developed by Nobumichi Asai. This device detects the radioactivity in space with a Geiger counter and projects the same number of light particles as its radioactivity. Radioactivity penetrates the skin and cuts off the DNA strand within the cell. It then makes the cells cancer and kills. This device visualizes the invisible radiation with sharp rays and makes the danger feel sensible.







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