Yoshinori Sunahara (JP)


Born in Hokkaido on September 13, 1969, Yoshinori Sunahara was a member of Denki Groove between 1991 to 1999. While being a member of Denki Groove he simultaneously released his album “Crossover” in 1995, followed by the albums “TAKEOFF AND LANDING” and “THE SOUND OF ’70s” in 1998.

“LOVEBEAT”, released in 2001, was his first album since his departure from Denki Groove. In 2002, he performed his first solo live show at the festival “ELECTRAGRIDE” at Makuhari Messe. In addition, he produced ACO’s single “YOROKOBI NI SAKU HANA” and SUPER CAR’s single “YUMEGIWA LAST BOY”, which was featured as the theme song of the movie “PING PONG”. Additionally he produced a wide range of music for the advertising industry.

As part of the original soundtrack to the cinematic movie “NO BOYS, NO CRY” (Starring: Tsumabuki Satoshi / Ha Jung Woo), he released his single “NO BOYS, NO ROLLING STAR”.

In 2010, he formed a duo with Junji Ishiwatari, former guitarist of the band SUPER CAR. The two released the single “KAMISAMA NO IU TORI”, for which they joined forces with vocalist Etsuko Yukushimaru from SOTAISEI RIRON. After a brief hiatus, Yoshinori released his solo album “LIMINAL” in 2011. In 2015, he formed the group METAFIVE alongside Yukihiro Takahashi, TOWA TEI, Keigo Oyamada, Tomohiko Gondo and LEO Imai. Together they released the album “META” in January 2016, followed by a mini album “METAHALF” released in November the same year.