Woulg & Push 1 stop (CA/QC)


Gleefully muddying the waters between motion design, 3D and audio reactive visuals, Push 1 stop’s output has been incredibly varied. While each of her performances is poles apart from the next, her live sets are invariably characterized by the build up of elegantly precise and complex narrative environments.

Woulg creates dark sonic landscapes disrupted by glitches that are equally likely to break into hypnotic pounding techno as they are to expand into ambient bubbles of texture ready to burst; reminding us that nothing lasts, that we should always expect the unexpected. His mind bending live sets explore these ideas while taking the crowd on an unpredictable journey, inexorably leading to dance.


A/V Performance

Interpolate uses live coding and generative processes to explore the relationship between audio and visual. This audio reactive performance is divided in four acts, image and sound meet, take turns in controlling each other and end up working in symbiosis. The stark, minimal, generative 3D geometry and particle systems take the audience through the music, conveying the physicality of the sound while mapping out the emotional landscape of the melodies. To interpolate means to determine an intermediate value or term in a serie by calculating it from surrounding known values; on stage Push 1 stop and Woulg send data wirelessly to each other in order to be able to patch new interactions between audio and visuals in real time, and interpolate the missing data between sound and image.


Woulg & Push 1 stop are part of the DIGI_CAMPUS project taking place at the Kyoto University for Art & Design on November 6. Their participation is made possible through the support of the ministère des Relations internationales et de la Francophonie du Québec.