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Yuzo Koshiro & Motohiro Kawashima

Yuzo Koshiro & Motohiro Kawashima

Steets of Rage

- Japan

Since 2017 Yuzo Koshiro and Motohiro Kawashima have been bringing the music of the legendary Streets of Rage series to some of the worlds greatest clubs and music festival stages authentically performing the music as it sounded on the MegaDrive sound chip to create a unique and incredible VGM turned club music experience. As part of the Diggin’ In The Carts world tour they performed to sold out crowds at venues like London’s Fabric, Tokyo’s Liquid Room, Le Gaite Lyrique in Paris and capacity crowds at Club to Club in Turin and Sonar in Barcelona which drew an audience of more than 4,000 people.


Yuzo Koshiro is a Japanese composer, arranger, and programmer whose contributions helped change video game music. Having discovered video games and their music at an early age, Koshiro learnt to program using an NEC PC-8801 before landing his first jobs in the industry in mid 1980s Tokyo. Breaking away from the conventions of early VGM soundtracks, which favored pop, rock and jazz, Koshiro setup his own company, Ancient, and quickly established himself as a pioneer in the field thanks to his programming knowledge and early mastery of FM sound chips. He made his biggest impact with the soundtrack to Sega’s early ’90s beat em up series Streets Of Rage, taking cues from dance music including techno, house and drum & bass and as a result influencing generations of fans and artists such as Just Blaze, Flying Lotus and Ikonika.


Motohiro Kawashima is a Japanese video game composer and electronic music producer whose deep passion and understanding of US and European club culture resulted in some of Japanese  video games most memorable soundtracks. Already producing his own house and techno by the time he was a student in the late 80s, his demos found their way into the hands of Yuzo Koshiro who, impressed by the quality of his work, employed Kawashima as the first official staff member at his own company Ancient and he soon began creating his own unique brand of video game music imbued with the influences of the US house and techno he was hearing on the dance floors of Tokyo clubs like Yellow in Nishi-Azabu. While he contributed tracks to the Streets of Rage 2 soundtrack, it was on Streets of Rage 3 where Kawshima was really able to showcase his ability and passion for a harder techno sound and he produced a soundtrack that was unlike anything else game music heard at the time and still remains one of the most forward thinking and experimental in the history of video game music.