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- Japan

[ Mindgames / The Labyrinth ]

Born and raised in Sendai. SO started to DJ from the age of 18 after he spent his childhood mastering classical piano for 12 years. Afterwards, he soon became a member of Mindgames and began to play at Labyrinth as a legendary DJ, which is a turning point in his career. This year, Labyrinth marks its 18th anniversary, an internationally appraised festival that represents the Japanese outdoor music festival scene. Apart from performing on stage, SO makes large contributions to its operations and production.


SO has a consistent style and it became part of his identity throughout the course of 20 years. He’s set gradually progresses with speed and creates an uplifting experience with the rhythm. The selection of songs develops calmly, his mixing technique is smooth and stable, which generates a high degree of completion. 


SO gained appraisals since he was young, and earned experiences in playing at first-class stages in different parts of the world, including Boom Festival in Portugal, Rainbow Serpent/Strawberry Fields in Australia and Fuji Rock Festival. SO’s wide-ranging career is a result from his experiences. In 2016, SO performed at a high reputable German underground festival, Nachtdigital, and the set he played has attracted a lot of attentions. Soon after, his activities grew all at once in Europe, and playing at De School, Concrete, Tresor, about blank and Ankali. In recent years, he continues to make the next leap ahead of his career.