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Robert Henke

Robert Henke

Lumière III

- Germany

Lumière is a concert series exploring the artistic dialogue between high precision lasers and percussive sounds. It is based on a unique vector graphics software, which the artist is developing since 2010. The software allows to generate rapid successions of visual shapes and associated sonic events, and to manipulate them in real time. Lumière is permanent work in progress, with each performance being a snapshot of the current state. Since the premiere in 2013 Lumière got three fundamental revisions, and countless ‘minor updates’.


Robert Henke is a composer, artist and software developer, mainly known for his contributions to contemporary electronic music and for his laser works. His installations often change slowly over long periods of time, and are specifically conceived or adapted for unique locations. They include elements of intentional uncertainty, resulting in endless variations. Most of them use laser technology combined with sound to create unique audiovisual experiences. His musical work has a particular focus on rhythm, timbre and color, and he is recognised as a pioneering explorer of surround sound. His long term project Monolake, became one of the key icons of a new electronic club culture emerging in Berlin after the fall of the Wall.