MUTEK.JP - 電子音楽 × デジタルアートの祭典『MUTEK』

Masashi Hirao x Saskiatokyo

Masashi Hirao x Saskiatokyo

Bonsai Live Performance X Sound Installation

- Japan

Bonsai, ‘a living art’. Bonsai artist Masashi Hirao inherits this millenary tradition and gives it a modern, personal twist in an effort to save it from oblivion. In collaboration with music producer Saskiatokyo, both creators explore the dynamics between art and humanity through the concept of ‘humans and plants’ and ‘humans and music’. Join them in this one-night-only event and embark on a spatial journey that transcends our ideas of what nature can contribute to human creativity, through a sound installation that incorporates the sounds of bonsai craft playing in sync with a live bonsai performance.


Masashi Hirao

Having visited Misuzu Shigemori’work-Hojo garden at Tofukuji while he was in Kyoto Sangyo University, Masashi was strongly impressed by the beauty of it. Since then he has had his sights on carrying on the Japanese culture and decided to be apprenticed to Kato Manseien in Bonsai cho, Saitama City, Japan. 


Masashi studied under Saburo Kato and his words to him “Be the one to spread out the great Japanese Bonsai not only in Japan but also overseas” made Masashi expanded the range of his activities.


Masashi performs Bonsai demonstrations, workshops and other performances in various countries and as a result of effort, he was chosen as a Japanese cultural envoy for 2013 and spent 4 months in 11 countries to teach people the beauty and joy of Bonsai. He had a great cultural exchange through Bonsai.


Masashi aims for finding more possibilities of Bonsai to have more gallery exhibitions and performances overseas. In Japan, he would like to have not only presentations of the Bonsai suitable for new life space but also have lectures and educate the young generation about Bonsai.



Artist/producer from Japan. She released 1st EP “Fantasia” in 2017 from Detroit Underground, a label run by DJ Kero and 2nd EP “Mag En Ta” and 1st Single “Ayeki” from +MUS, a electronic music label in Tokyo. She always plays with her original live set, it’s the key of her alternative and danceable styles. She also produces sounds for films and installations. All she does is for searching a possibility by relationship with human and sound.