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Katimi Ai

Katimi Ai


- Japan/Nigeria

KATIMI AI is a Tokyo based DJ with a mix of Japanese and Nigerian heritage.


Katimi has started her career as a DJ in 2015, but music has always been a part of her life since her childhood. Having a father managing a bar and a mother playing western radio shows at home, music had always followed her.


Even though Katimi has just kicked off her career, with her exotic look and charismatic appeal, she quickly became the talk of the town in Tokyo. Her experience includes playing at some of the must-go clubs and bars such as Womb, Ageha, Circus,Vision and Vent Tokyo. She also is programmed to play at boutique apparel and network events on a regular basis.


In 2017, Katimi traveled to New York to step in new territory and play at various venues in New York City and Brooklyn. With great success from her experience in 2017, Katimi returned to New York in August 2018 and had a successful program at Kinfolk 90.


Also,In January 2019 she became a monthly resident DJ for Brooklyn based radio station called Halfmoonbk. You can check the dates in her IG and Facebook. 


Katimi is is just getting started and soon enough the world will know her name.