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CD Hata x Koyas

CD Hata x Koyas


- Japan

CD HATA x KOYAS is a Tokyo-based electronic jam band consists of two of Japan’s electronic music personnel.


CD HATA, known as a synthesizer player from Japan’s leading jam band called Dachambo as well as a techno DJ, has been active throughout his career constantly touring, recording and collaborating with other artists. 


KOYAS, one of the most diverse talents in Japan’s electronic music scene who covers broad ranges of work from composition, audio engineering and running his own record label just to mention a few. Since he became an Ableton certified trainer, it gets even more diverse holding workshops and events as well as giving presentations to wider range of audiences.


They started to play together organically then it became to this band sloganeering “Go with the flow getting spot on” – meaning not just they play as they go, but they ensure the outcome is always spot on, being backed up by their established skill sets. They cover wide range of genres from ambient to techno being flexible as they go to the venue, the crowd and the atmosphere of the event.


Their discography includes “Play Off the Cuff vol. 1” (2014), “Machineries EP” (2018) and “Synthesizer Gnosticism” (2019).