MUTEK.JP 2018 – First Wave of Artists

MUTEK.JP returns to Tokyo’s Miraikan – The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation for its 3rd edition held November 1-4, 2018. In addition to the famed museum the 4-day festival with extended program in the heart of Tokyo, returning to its inaugural venue WWW / WWW X and an all-nighter at UNIT in Ebisu. Since its inception in 2016 MUTEK.JP has manifested itself as a platform for digital creative practices, musical expression and artistic exchange. Over the past three years MUTEK.JP has initiated a process of community-building that unites artists and audiences across the spheres of art, music, science and technology, while providing a focal point to connect the national and international. Prepare yourself for another wild adventure with the release of these first artists that also give a hint to more to come.


Aïsha Devi (CH) / Alexandre Burton & Julien Roy (artificiel) (CA/QC) / Ben Frost & MFO (IS+DE) / Colleen (FR) / Daito Manabe & Satoshi Horii (Rhizomatiks Research) (JP) / Electric Indigo (AT) / Fatima Al Qadiri (KW) / Filastine & Nova (ES+ID) / Intercity-Express (JP) / Kyoka (JP) / Lemna (JP) / machìna & Shohei Fujimoto (KR+JP) / Martin Messier & YRO (CA/QC+FR) / Masayoshi Fujita (JP) / Michela Pelusio (IT) / Nicola Cruz (EC) / Paul Jebanasam & Tarik Barri (UK+NL) / Sapphire Slows (JP) / Sol del Rio (AR) / Sugai Ken (JP) / Synichi Yamamoto + Seiichi Sega & Intercity-Express (JP) / X-102 (Jeff Mills & Mike Banks) (US)



Program Highlights

Jeff Mills and Mike Banks will take us on journey back to the 90s with a special performance as X-102 presenting “Discovers the Rings of Saturn”. In unison with their 1992 album the Miraikan’s Geocosmos to resemble the yellow-brownish gas giant Saturn.

MUTEK.JP 2016 opening act Martin Messier returns to Japan for the Asian premiere of the audiovisual performance ASHES, a project conceived together with French multidisciplinary artist YRO, which puts microscopes in the focus of attention. Michela Pelusio will showcase here impressive audiovisual string work SpaceTime Helix for the first time in Japan.


– Michela Pelusio (IT) – SpaceTime Helix

Iceland-based sound artist Ben Frost and German visual artist MFO will for the first time in Japan present their immersive and all enshrouding audiovisual performance. Local mainstay Sapphire Slows enshrouds the crowd with her eerie, drone-like vocals. Austrian DJ, producer and founder of the female:pressure network Susanne Krichmayr aka Electric Indigo will take us on a quadrophonic sound journey with the Asian premiere of her audiovisual live performance 5 1 1 5 9 3. Veteran Kyoka known for her chaotic and direct musical approach, will deliver her experimental but always danceable live set.

Daito Manabe will return once again in collaboration with Satoshi Horii to deliver a special audiovisual set making perfect use of the Miraikan’s Geocosmos floor. British composer Paul Jebanasam teams up yet again with visual artist, designer and software developer Tarik Barri to deliver a performance that immerses the audience with massive sound and vision audience. Kuwaiti music producer and artist Fatima Al Qadiri will present the long-awaited Japan premiere of her audiovisual piece Shaneera, a reference to Arab queer culture. Up- and coming Korean vocalist and modular synth geek machina is joined by Shohei Fujimoto to deliver a specially commissioned audiovisual show. Montreal audiovisual collective artificiel represented by Alexandre Burton and Julien Roy will bring their self-made electroacoustic instruments for the Asian premiere of Three pieces with titles.


– Alexandre Burton & Julien Roy (artificiel) (CA/QC) – Three Pieces With Titles

Swiss multitalent Aisha Devi digs deep in to her repertoire of spiritual and transcendent live performances. There’s a special focus on ambient this year with the calming tones of Masayoshi Fujita’s vibraphone taking the lead. Sugai Ken’s ambient sounds inspired by traditional Japanese Matsuri (local Festival) music will shroud the audience in mysticism. They will be joined by French composer Colleen, who impressed with her tactility at the most recent edition of MUTEK.ES.


Expanded Daytime Activities

Driving to expand and manifest its day time program as an equal part to the festival’s night time performances, MUTEK.JP established the International Conference of Digital Creativity (ICDC) as a new component that will be running alongside the Digi Lab program. While the Digi Lab focuses on questions of artistic practices and societal discourse, the ICDC aims to act as an intermediary between digital creative sphere and the business environment.


– Miraikan Hall

For its 3rd edition MUTEK.JP for the first time introduced a guiding topic to the Digi Lab program, which will focus on questions of embracing diversity within the digital creative industry. This project is generously supported by the European Union National Institutes of Culture in Japan.

 With its goal to forge stronger connections between the digital creative sphere and the business and tech world, the ICDC will see a range of keynotes and panel discussions on topics such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality, and Robotics, all addressed through the lens of Digital Creativity.