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Results are in for the MUTEK.JP AI Music Lab Open Call

Thank you for all interest expressed during the MUTEK.JP AI Music Lab! The Open Call received a myriad of substantial candidates for the lab taking place this November (11/8-11/18). The lab will give 15 participants the opportunity to explore applications of AI to music production. The lab facilitators have selected the candidates based on portfolios and motivation letters received, but also, with a careful eye on the progression of GAMMA_LAB AI, as well as Japanese particularities.

Without further ado, we are pleased to announce the international participants for the upcoming  MUTEK.JP AI Music Lab— Congratulations to the selected candidates! We are eager to work together in Tokyo for innovative experiments around art, science and technology.


Participants (A to Z)

Andrey Chugunov (RU)

Bektur Ryskeldiev (KG)

Debashis Sinha (CA)

Hiroshi Yamato (JP)

Ilya Selikhov (DE)

Junichi Shimizu (JP)

Kinnara : Desi La (JP)

Madoka Kamiyama (JP)

Marina Muzyka (RU)

Rutger Muller (NL)

Takao Hirose (JP)

Tatiana Zobnina (RU)

Tatsuo Fujiwara (JP)

Tetsuya Ishikawa (JP)

Victor Joohoon Ha (FR/KR)


Participants of MUTEK.JP AI Music Lab will study three genres – soundscapes, noise and techno – comparing traditions, modern state and the future of three genres within the specific context of the Japanese cultural background. The main task of the laboratory is to create new works using AI / ML technologies with the participation of experts in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence. The final results of the AI Music Lab will be showcased at the 4th Edition of the MUTEK.JP festival taking place December 11th to 15th in Tokyo.

The  MUTEK.JP AI Music Lab is made possible due to the generous support of our partners GAMMA_LAB AI & Gamma Festival, Qosmo Inc., the Computational Creativity Lab at Keio University (SFC), and EDGEof.



Curator: Natalia Fuchs (ARTYPICAL), Maurice Jones (MUTEK.JP)

Conceptual Artists: Helena Nikonole, Kazuya Nagaya

Facilitators: Peter Kirn (CDM), Natalia Soboleva



Venue Partner: EDGEof

R&D Partner: Qosmo Inc. (Nao Tokui & Max Frenzel)

Strategic Partner: GAMMA_LAB AI

Academic Partner: Computational Creativity Lab at Keio University (SFC)