VR Salon: Immersive Realities

2019.01.12 - .02.11 (Closed 1/15, 1/21, 1/28, 2/4)
Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo
11:00 - 19:00 (14:30 - 15:30 Break)

Artists have always been at the forefront of using technological advancements to find new ways to express themselves and question the prevalent aesthetics of their times. Virtual and Augmented Reality are among the latest technological advancements and instantly drew attention from artists, creators, and innovators. Through the medium of Virtual Reality, these pioneers are fully captivating and engaging their audiences within these immersive realities that question where we come, where we are, where we are going, not only as artists but as mankind. The VR Salon: Immersive Realities exhibition explores the idea of these new immersive media as a tool for a new form of artistic expression.


January 26 / Artist Talk: Noesis

On this Saturday afternoon, we will invite Synichi Yamamoto, Seiichi Sega, and Tetsuji Ohno aka. Intercity-Express, the creators of Noesis VR to share more about this specific artwork, their creative approach and conceptualization process. Noesis is a multiplatform and multiformat audiovisual experience, which has been presented as full-dome live performance and installation, as a spherical experience on Miraikan’s Geocosmos, as well as in Virtual Reality. Beyond their specific work, the talk session will also touch upon the broader picture of the flexibility and adaptability of digital artworks.


We cordially invite you to join us for this talk sessions as part of the OPEN SITE 2018-2019 and the VR Salon: Immersive Realities exhibition at Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo, on Saturday, January 26, 16:00. The talk will be in Japanese.


Guests: Synichi Yamamoto, Seiichi Sega, Tetsuji Ohno (Intercity-Express)
Host: Keiko Kobayashi (Japan Arts Council)


About OPEN SITE 2018-2019

OPEN SITE is a program aimed at creating a platform that brings together a full range of projects seeking to create new forms of expression across all genres, open to society. In this third year of the program, in addition to our past exhibition and performance projects, we have newly established OPEN SITE dot for small experimental projects. After rigorous review, nine projects have been selected, including exhibitions, performance works, theater works and more, from numerous applications from Japan and overseas. Moreover, a total of 11 projects will be implemented including the TOKAS Recommendation Program and educational programs.
As the cross-genre and interdisciplinary nature of art continues to evolve, you can rely on us to host programs of ambitious self-expression, of free and powerful artistic will, without being constrained by existing genres.



About Tokyo Arts and Space

Tokyo Arts and Space(TOKAS) is an art center dedicated to the generation and promotion of new art and culture from the heart of Tokyo. Based in TOKAS Hongo and TOKAS Residency, TOKAS supports and nurtures young talent in all fields as well as takes a role as a hub in a global cultural network of affiliated cultural facilities in Japan and abroad, and at once a platform for both new talents and internationally active artists to exchange and showcase their works. Through various joint programs, the two venues will continue their broad array of artistic activities in order to provide artists with a stage for creative work.